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Automatic Lockstitch Pocket Welting Machine

High speed, direct drive, lockstitch operation with excellent response time and higher productivity. This advanced unit sews high quality, single and double welts, with or without flaps on suits, jackets and slacks. Intelligent IP-310 touch panel makes programming fast and easy and can be used with external memory medium. Other features include increased jump speed and travel of the clamp foot, easily adjustable corner knife, and quick, automatic changeover.


Sewing Speed:                                      Max. 3,000 rpm (1,000 ~ 3000 rpm)
Stitch Length:                                      Standard 2.5mm (2.0 ~ 3.4m)
Stitch Length:                                      Safety stitching: Standard 1.0mm (0.5 ~ 1.5mm)
(Fastening stitches)                                     Back-tack stitching: Standard 2.0mm (0.5 ~ 3.0mm)

Changeable between condensation/back tack stitching
Kind of Welts:                                       Parallel double welt, parallel single welt(with/without flaps)
Sewing Lengths:                                       Min.18mm ~ Max 220mm (settable in increments of 0.1mm)

*The minimum sewing size when a corner knife is used:
35mm (or 21mm when a solenoid valve is added)

*For a needle gauge width of 14mm or more, the minimum sewing length is 50mm
No. of Independent Sewing Patterns:                99 patterns (999 patterns when a CF memory card is used)
No. of Cycle Sewing Patterns:                         20 patterns
No. of Alternate Sewing Patterns:                  20 patterns
Needle Gauge:                                      8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20mm
Hook:                                                   Vertical-axis 1.7 fold capacity hook
Cloth Feeding System:                                      Driven by stepping motor
Machine Head:                                      2-needle, lockstitch (LH-895)