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The newly designed mechanisms and improved performance of the MF-7800 and MF-7700 Series promise a higher level of quality and reliability.

MF-7800 High Speed, Cylinder Bed,
Top & Bottom Coverstitch Machines

MF-7800 Clylinder Bed  Models Now Available:
(a variety of subclasses are available for your specific needs)

MF-7800-U10: Basic universal type for a wide range of processes including hemming of knit shirts and t-shirts, and cover seam operations. 

MF-7800-H21: For hemming with left hand fabric trimmer for knit shirt and t-shirt sleeves and shirt bottoms. The upper knife stroke can be adjusted with ease.

MF-7800-E10: For elastic band attaching with right hand fabric trimmer and tension roller.  Best suited for continuous flat elastic band sewing operations for men�s briefs. 

MF-7800-E21: For continuous spandex elastic band attaching with air binder and tension roller supplied as standard.

MF-7700 High Speed, Flat Bed,
Top & Bottom Coverstitch Machines

  MF-7700 Flatbed Models Now Available:
(a variety of subclasses are available for your specific needs)

MF-7700-U10: Basic universal type for a wide range of processes including hemming of knit sleeves and bottoms as well as cover seaming sportswear and knit wear. 

MF-7700-C10: For attaching collarettes on underwear, briefs and knitwear.  TC-13 electromagnetic type tape cutter available as an option. Easy conversion to the U-10 universal type unit. 

MF-7700-E10: For consistent elastic lace attaching on ladies under garments utilizing a right hand fabric trimmer. Right hand trimmer can be easily installed or removed to facilitate easy maintenance of the unit. 



  • Dual Thread Paths:  Little or no adjustment is required when changing materials and threads. Improved top cover thread path provides consistent coverstitch with a beautiful finish.
  • Needle Bar Stroke Conversion Mechanism:  Needle bar stroke can be set to 2 positions without changing parts. Heavy weight materials can be sewn easily by setting needle bar stroke higher.
  • Differential Feed Micro Adjustment, Micro Lifter Mechanisms: Simple adjustments for various types of materials. Feed dog tilt can be easily adjusted from outside the machine for the MF-7700. Presser foot micro lifting device and differential feed micro adjustment mechanism are provided as standard on both MF Series.
  • Removable Looper Thread Cam:
    For the MF-7700:
    A mechanism prevents thread from being caught by the looper thread cam. Cam can be easily removed for thread removal.
    For the MF-7800: Bracket can be easily removed if thread wraps around the cam and lower shaft.
  • Interchangeable with Commercial Sewing Parts: All major brand cover stitch parts can now be used with the MF Series.
  • Standard Presser Lifter Device: Your choice of solenoid or electric presser lifter is supplied with each unit as standard.
  • Standard Top and Bottom Thread Trimmers:  Straight action cutters are now supplied as standard with all units for greater reliability.
  • Comfortable Sewing Work Space:  Extra large space under the sewing arm simplifies cover stitch operations for all types of garments. Noise and vibration have been significantly reduced providing a comfortable working environment.